Coming soon, a mini Binky Boo invasion!

I am finally getting some photos taken of the Binky Boos and other assorted critters I have ready to list in my Etsy store.  I received a funky flexible legged tripod for my birthday which I think helped me get some clearer shots than I have in the past.  My hands are not as steady as I would like to believe, and photos I take “free hand” often remind me of that!

Here is a sneak peek of what will be listed soon.


Time for a change…

I’ve been paying for hosting on Squarespace for several years.  While I have absolutely no issues with their service, and in fact found it really easy to work with for my purposes, I just can’t justify spending $10 a month for a site I so rarely update.

So I have moved back to WordPress so I can have it hosted for free.  Unfortunately that means the images I had will mostly go away, other than the ones I have time to retrieve and update here.  But a clean, fresh start is often a good thing, and all of my images are still on my Facebook page, as well as archived in my Google drive (at least the really good ones I’ve taken over the years!)

So that’s the reason for the change in looks of the site, and lots of posts without images, for the 1-3 folks who may even have been watching.  :D

Who knows?  Maybe I’ll be able to update this site more often!  (Don’t hold your breath, though.  I’m pretty busy otherwise, and blue might not be your best color.  ;))

Photo Update Just Because

Well, a photo update just because it’s been a long time since I’ve updated here, period.  :D

I’ve been knitting, sewing, and just trying to keep ahead of the dishes, among other regular lifely duties.  While the dishes still have more in the win column than I do, I at least have the crafts to relax with.

Here is a quick pick of a striped knitted cowl modelled by Barefoot In The Park, The Bratter Lover’s Poppy Parker.


Holiday Greetings!

This holiday season has flown by!

It’s time to try and relax a bit now before the new year.  What better way than to play with my dolls?  :)

My Bambicony Lottie doll, Sofia, got a treat yesterday.  I scored a grab bad from Wicked Stitchery.  It was sized for Little Fee and Honey Delf, but still fits Sofia perfectly.  She definitely needed a new outfit, and the price and timing was just right.

Sofia is fond of her little brown owl, the first one I made from a Typing With Tea pattern.  She’s pretty darn adorable, if I say so myself.  :)  (More owls are availabe in my Etsy shop, too.)

Xmas1 Xmas2

Cyber Monday (and Tuesday!) Sale 2014

I have a lot of new items in the Etsy store right now, including deer/reindeer, and giraffes!  There’s also plenty of Wee Dragons, and Pocket Poppet dolls.  :)

Today and tomorrow (Monday, Dec 1, 2014 and Tuesday, Dec 2, 2014), you can save:

15% off your purchase of $15.00 or more (use coupon code CYBER15 at checkout)


25% off your purchase of $25.00 or more (use coupon code CYBER25 at checkout)

Free first class shipping on US orders is included in all prices.  However, orders of $75 or more will automatically be upgraded to Priority shipping within the US.  (International buyers, additional charges apply).

Time to get some of that holiday shopping done!  :)

deer purplegiraffe2